But letters can be intercepted, so you need to tell it by word of mouth. But that can be overheard…



        “Interesting. Have you told Dominica or Claire about this?”
        “I will, but your apartment was closest, so I came here first.”
        “Why didn’t you call me about it?”
        “A phone line can easily be tapped. Probably the same reason the messenger came in person, with a letter.”
        “Right. So, do you think we should go to Battle Mountain?”
        “I don’t know. I’d like to do something against the Dictatorship, but at the same time there are a lot of ways this could be a bad idea.”
        “Such as?”
        “It might be a trick. That person might have been a Dictatorship agent, trying to trick potential insurgents into going to their deaths. It might just be some people who want to send us on suicide missions. Who knows?”
        “You raise some valid concerns there. I, too, am not sure if we should act on it or not.”
        “Let’s go tell Dominica, and then head over to Claire’s.”
        They went outside, got in Charles’s car, and drove to the university. When the arrived, Charles checked the time.
        “It’s 6:30, so she’s probably eating.”
        “Okay. You go in and get her. I’ll wait out here.”



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