And to think that mysteriously appearing strangers carrying cryptic letters seem normal to them.



Chapter 5

        October 12th seemed like a normal day for Kelvin. He had got up, went to work, worked, went home, and was eating supper when he heard a knock on his door. He got up, and walked to the door. Charles was outside.
        “Hi, Charles, what’s up?”
        “I’ve got a letter.”
        “A letter, you say? What sort of a letter?”
        “A mysteriously appearing one.”
        “What do you mean by that?”
        “I was going about my normal business today, right. I had just finished teaching for the day, and was putting some stuff in storage. I walked out of the storage room, down the hallway a bit, and this guy walked past me in the hallway. This was not out of the ordinary, although it seemed like he was trying to hide his face from me. Anyway, kept going, not paying too much attention, but then I noticed that there was something in my pocket. It was a letter. It was marked, “read when unobserved” and otherwise blank. I went home, and opened it. Here it is.”
        Charles handed Kelvin the letter.
        It read, “We have taken note of your performance on the nineteenth. If you wish to fight against the Dictatorship, go to Battle Mountain, Nevada. There is a gas station on 12th street. Go inside, and ask for a map of Mount Tobin. Bring the three who were with you on the nineteenth if at all possible.”



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