I have now spoken. Listen to what I say.



        The Dictatorship never appeared. They had terrified the world with their victory at the French border. Many countries, including many from southeast Asia, were scrambling to send troops to Europe. Instead of attacking Europe, the Dictatorship focused their efforts on southward expansion.
        The Asian countries put up a fight, but it was not sufficient, and the Dictatorship took over there as well. It took them a month to subjugate the nations, and another month to stamp out resistance and stabilize their government.
        So, you get the gist of what happens. Dictatorship pops up, lots of fighting, lots of the Dictatorship winning. Asia: under Dictatorship control. Europe: same. Africa: I think even you should be able to guess that one. At any rate, let us fast forward past all the intricacies of the conquest, to the Dictatorship’s invasion of the U.S. There is some fighting, some losing, more fighting, more losing, yet more fighting, actual resistance, crushed resistance, and the world is the Dictatorship’s. That’s right. The whole world. Now what is it like to live under the Dictatorship’s thumb? It’s like this:



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