They feinted.



        Germany fell first. It took one week for the German army to be destroyed. The Dictatorship was still coming. However, the rest of the world was not idle during the week. Countries scrambled for cohesion after the assassinations. Troops were recalled from stations, flown to other stations, and then moved again. Fortunately for them, while it only took a week for the Dictatorship to destroy the German army, they spent another week stabilizing the situation there.
        This time was put to good use by their adversaries. In this time, a coalition force composed of many countries’ soldiers was waiting on the border between France and Germany. Many nations and individuals had their hopes pinned this force.
        They were disappointed. The force was waiting on the French border, preparing for an attack from the east. They were ambushed from the west. By an army. The Dictatorship forces had managed to sneak past them without being noticed by anyone. The coalition force was annihilated, leaving few survivors, almost all of whom were captured.
        After the battle, several massive holes were discovered in the ground behind the coalition lines. Nearby, there were large machines that appeared to have been used for tunneling.
        Following the coalition’s failure, the Dictatorship pressed onward into France. The coalition was waiting in Paris. This time, they knew that the Dictatorship had tunneling machines, so the soldiers were ordered to watch every direction that the Dictatorship forces could come from, including inside the city itself.
        The Dictatorship never appeared. They had terrified the world with their victory at the French border. Many countries, including many from southeast Asia, were scrambling to send troops to Europe. Instead of attacking Europe, the Dictatorship focused their efforts on southward expansion.



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