Propaganda is fun.



        Poland won. Within a month, Russia had been crushed. The announcement came on the 6th of February. A propaganda video was shown to the world. It appeared to have been filmed from the office of the Russian president. The video showed a man, evidently the leader, or posing as him for the video, talking, next to a map of the world. The man was exceptionally tall, between eight and ten feet tall. He was heavily built. He wore a dress uniform, colored black with black accents. Everything about him was dark. Dark clothes, hair, skin, even his eyes were black. His teeth seemed unnaturally white against his overall darkness. There were several others in the room. Eight guards, and a man whose role was not immediately apparent. He looked middle-aged, was wearing a dirty, ragged suit. His manner was overly servile, particularly toward the leader.
        Once the eye had taken in the scene, the leader began to speak. He had a strong, commanding voice, with a pronounced eastern European accent. As he talked, he pointed to various portions of the map. “Russia has been subjugated. We, the Dictatorship have taken it. From here,” he pointed to the eastern border of Poland, “to here,” he pointed to the eastern edge of Asia. “You are next,” he removed a long knife from inside his uniform, and slowly drove it, up to the hilt, into the map. When he removed his hand from the knife, it became clear that the knife was in the exact center of Europe. The video stopped at this point.



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