“What we’re looking at here is a country that recognized the value of, and used, their augmented citizens. They then used this power to launch an assault on the entirety of the rest of the world. There are three major questions still open. First: how did they get the troops in place? We saw the president’s assassination about an hour ago. In one hour, Poland went from being unknown as a threat, to making a full scale assault on Russia. There is an entire country in the way.”
        Claire spoke up, “I know that. If they’ve got augmented scientists working on body armor, why not a better method of transport?”
        “Okay. Time for question number two. How did they manage to organize this in three months. That’s not a short amount of time for a normal person, but governments don’t work that way. It takes longer than that for them to even decide to do something, much less actually execute it. Whatever happened inside Poland, they got rid of a lot of bureaucracy. I’m not sure exactly what happened, but I suspect that it will involve the word ‘coup’. And yes, I do know I just answered my own question.”
        “And the third question?” asked Claire.
        “Why what?”
        “Why did they do it at all? Why did they attack literally the rest of the world?”
        “That’s simple. They thought they could win.”



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