In the words of Kelvin…



        The newsman played the clip again, talking about how strange it was that Poland was attacking Russia.
Charles stood very still for a moment, and then spoke, “That… was not right. That should not have been.”
        “A thing in the video. You’ll have to wait until the newsman plays the clip again, but when he does, you should concentrate your focus on the top left-hand side of the screen. You should see something.”
        “Okay. Sure.”
        They waited, as the newsman droned on about the completely unprecedented nature of this attack. Eventually, he played the clip again. Kelvin did as Charles had said. He saw a group of Poles running across the battlefield. He saw a Russian on the other side of the shot throw something at the Poles, and then start firing with his rifle. The grenade landed in the midst of the group, and exploded. Some of the Poles were knocked to the ground by the blast. Then, all of them, even the ones who were immediately next to the grenade, got to their feet and continued as if nothing had happened.
        Dominica put forth a theory, “So, they’ve got a bunch of augmented soldiers. No, they can’t all have that same augmentation, which just happens to protect them against that grenade. That means, some sort of body armor, correct.”
        “That was where I was thinking, yes.”
        “But that’s really good body armor. At a guess, I would say that they have some sort of mentally augmented scientist making this stuff. But then those armors could only be made by one person.”
        “Not necessarily. They might do it in the form of an assembly line. You don’t actually have to know much about what you’re making, you just need to know how to do your part of the process.”
        Kelvin decided this was a good time for him to contribute to the conversation.



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