Dominica cut in. “Nuclear. All of them have, or are suspected of having, nuclear weapons. That means that whoever’s behind this doesn’t want any nuclear weapons being available for the time being. Russia’s missing, right? Why didn’t they have assassinations?”
        “They did, but I left them off the list. They had assassinations, but not just assassinations.”
        Charles changed the channel again. It now showed a clip of what appeared to be a battle. There was a voiceover talking about the Polish invasion of Russia.
        “WHAT?” shouted Kelvin. “Poland, is invading, Russia.”
        “Yes. I guess that’s what they were doing behind the scenes, with their closed borders, and their no communication policy.
        “But, Russia is a lot stronger than Poland.”
        “It sure looks like Poland is winning. Not sure how, not sure why.”
        The newsman played the clip again, saying something about the inexplicable Polish aggression.
        Claire entered the conversation, “The Poles have a distinct advantage over the Russians. They had a good three months to prepare for war, without anyone ever knowing that’s what they were doing. I’m not sure, but I believe that I saw some strange looking people fighting for Poland in that clip. And by strange, I mean augmented. Think about it. If you could muster an army with a significant portion of augmented people in it, right, and you didn’t have to worry about bureaucratic nonsense, you would have a formidable fighting force. Send that force to the front lines, and let your more ordinary soldiers serve as backup, and artillery support, and suchlike. Now why they didn’t spend the entirety of those months worrying about bureaucratic nonsense, I don’t know.”



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