A puzzle for you.



        “That’s not important, is it?”
“Not the only important thing. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’ve overlooked it. Give me the remote.”
        “Sure. If you say so.”
        Claire handed him the remote control.
        As Charles changed the channel, he explained himself.
        “I was sitting at home, watching the television, when the program was interrupted.”
        “What were you watching?”
        “Indian football. Well, I suppose I should call it soccer.”
        “Why were you watching it?”
        “I like football.”
        “I see. Go on.”
        “At any rate, the program was interrupted, by this.”
        Charles had reached a channel, showing a news reporter talking about the recent murder of the president.
        “The president was killed shortly after noon today. He was-”
        “So, even Asians are talking about the murder.”
        “-attacked in his office by an unidentified armed group, who had fought their way past the guards.”
        “The Indian president was murdered. Along with the prime minister.”
        “That’s not all. I saw this, and then I looked through the channels a bit more, and do you know what I found?”
        “I have a bad feeling about this.”
        “France, China, India, the U.S., the U.K., Pakistan, North Korea, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Canada, Israel, The Netherlands, Turkey, and China. All of them had high-level assassinations.”
        “You remembered all of them?”
        “I kept a list. Now, here are my questions: What do all of these countries have in common, and who is missing?”
        Kelvin tried to figure it out.
        “They’re all powerful… no, they’re not. They’re all western states… no, they’re not. They’re-”



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