Gift Exchange – page 10



       Dominica was the first to open a gift. Claire’s gift was an envelope, similar to Kelvin’s gift. Dominica ripped it open, and removed a small piece of paper.
        “It’s a note.”
        “What does it say?”
        “You are now the proud owner of- and then it lists a few titles. Those are names of… first person shooter games. Great! Great gift. Thanks, Claire.”
        Claire opened her gift next. She removed the wrapping paper carefully, revealing a cardboard box. She removed the top from the box. Inside were many small rubber balls.
        “Dozens of rubber stress balls.”
        “Who doesn’t want those?”
        “They’re just so useful. Good for so many situations.”
        “Sure, Charles.”
        Charles opened his gift next. He slowly cut through the top of the envelope with a pocket knife. He stared at the envelope suspiciously while he did so. Eventually, he extracted a small plastic card from it.
        “It’s a gift card… to an office supply store.”
        “Everyone needs office supplies.”
        “Do they?”
        “Sure. Staplers, paper reams, paper clips, the list goes on and on.”
        They moved on to Kelvin’s gift. Kelvin slowly tore the wrapping paper off, revealing a hard plastic case, with large latches, and a handle. He unlatched the case, and opened it. Inside were several objects. Each one looked like an elongated sphere, with a small handle, and a metal ring attached.
        Charles jumped out of his seat, and shouted, “I told you something would blow up!”



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