Gift Exchange – page 9



        The four of them made small talk for about an hour. The conversation was nothing special. Charles mentioned that there was a new monument planned for the town, and wondered how many more monuments could fit in this town. Kelvin asked what the monument was commemorating. Charles replied that it was commemorating a historic monument which was recently vandalized. The conversation continued in this way until it was time for the gift exchange.
        All four of them walked over to the gift table and sat, one on each side. Claire removed four blank white cards, and a pen from her pockets, and then wrote “Kelvin” “Claire” “Charles” and “Dominica” on them. She shuffled the cards in her hand, and placed one on each gift. Then she flipped over each card, looked at the name there, and gave one to each person.
        Kelvin had Dominica’s gift. Dominica had Claire’s gift. Charles had Kelvin’s gift. Claire had Charles’s gift.



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