Gift Exchange – page 8



        Kelvin and Claire made small talk until Dominica arrived. She was carrying a large box, wrapped in brightly colored wrapping paper. The box seemed to be much the same shape as a small briefcase.
        “Hey Claire, what’s up?”
        “Not much.”
        “Where do I put this?”
        Claire pointed to the table. Dominica walked over to the table, and carefully set the box down on it. It made a small clunk as it touched the table.
        The box was marked, “From D”
        The three of them chatted until Charles arrived. He was carrying a box, much the same as Dominica’s, and a suspicious expression.
        “Anything blown up yet?”
        “Does it look like it has?”
        “No… but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t. Explosions can be subtle. Even if it hasn’t yet, It’s only a matter of time. And I might have been referring to a figurative explosion, as well.”
        “Were you?”
        “Yeah. Anyway, the gift goes on that table over there.”
        “Right, right.”
        Charles walked over to the table, and put the box on the table, eliciting a heavy thump. Dominica jumped slightly.
        “Don’t do that!”
        “Do what?”
        “Slam the gift on the table.”
        “My gift is un- fragile.”
        Charles sighed.



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