Gift Exchange – page 7



        Charles had also went to the same grocery store to buy wrapping paper, and a gift. He, having found the correct gift, and failing to find the wrapping paper, also talked to an employee. This employee was helpful, although he seemed worried about something. Charles had no idea what it was, although he did notice that, every few seconds, the employee would glance at the scars on his head.
        Kelvin’s shopping went without a hitch.
       Eventually, the anticipated day came. It was December 19, and the day of the Christmas party. It was held at Claire’s house, as planned.
        Kelvin, who did not own a car, walked to Claire’s house. It was about a fifteen minute walk, so he started twenty minutes before he was supposed to be there. He wasn’t sure exactly how long the walk would be, so he made sure to start early, so as to arrive punctually.
        As it turned out, he arrived slightly more than five minutes early. He was the first one there. As he hung up his coat, he noticed the decorations around the house.
        Claire had gone for a minimalist approach, with a small tree, and almost no other decorations. It was eminently tasteful.
        “Hey Claire, how’s it going?”
        “Well enough, well enough.”
        “Great. Where should I put my gift?”
        “On the table over there.”
        Claire pointed to a small square card table on the far side of the room. Kelvin walked over to it, removed an envelope from his jacket, and put it on the table. It was a plain, white envelope, with the words, “From Kelvin, to Whom it May Concern”



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