Gift Exchange – page 6



        “She did talk to you, though?”
        “Does, ‘like, in the store’ count as talking to me?”
        “That’s all she said?”
        “So how’d you get here?”
        “Mind reader.”
        “Oh, right. Forgot about that.”
        “No, I don’t know what your present is. No, I still don’t, even though I know that you’re thinking about it.”
        There was a pause. Eventually, Claire turned around and went back to selecting wrapping paper. Dominica did the same. Eventually, she found a good roll of paper, and walked off with it.
        The cash register was being manned by a friendly Christmas elf. He was, in fact, too friendly for Dominica’s taste. He started off by talking about the weather, and the political climate. Then he started complaining about the costumes he was made to wear, and his boss who could barely tie her shoes together. Then he moved on to talking about the history of cash registers, a topic which he knew more about than any sane man should. He was still talking, oblivious to Dominica, as she took her wrapping paper and walked away.



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