Gift Exchange – page 5



        Dominica sighed, and walked over to the Christmas section. She had to take a few moments to find the correct section, as there were several signs saying, “Have a Merry Christmas this Year!”, “Christmas Central” and “Jingle Bells! Jangle Bells!” Eventually, she found the correct sign, and walked into that section.
        She bumped into Claire. Literally. She was walking down the aisle, thinking about the rude elf, looking at the racks of wrapping paper in large bins on the floor, when she walked straight into Claire. Claire jumped backward.
        “Oh! Hey Dominica. What brings you to this end of the store?”
        “Wrapping paper.”
        “Ah! Same as me.”
        Claire was holding something in such a manner that it was hidden by one of the wrapping paper bins.
        “This area is really hard to find, Claire.”
        “Yeah, I had to ask a person to get here.”
        “So did I. He was really really rude, and, if I would have let him, would have said nothing but ‘Yeh’ to my every question.”
        “My person was much the same. She didn’t want to be there, she didn’t want to have to wear this stupid costume, she didn’t want to work this dumb job, and she most definitely didn’t want to talk to some idiot who can’t even find the wrapping paper when it’s, like, right there.”



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