Gift Exchange – page 2



        Then Claire asked another question.
        “So, what would you all think if, at the Christmas party, we had a gift exchange?”
        “A gift exchange?” said Kelvin.
        “Yes. A gift exchange. Where everyone brings a gift, and you shuffle the gifts up, and give one to each person.”
        “Why would we want such a thing.”
        “Because it’s fun.”
        “I am not sure it will be so, but I will not object.”
        “Was that you indicating that you had heard me, or that you were okay with a gift exchange?”
        “Well, we can have a gift exchange, but don’t come calling to me if it all goes wrong.”
        “But you will be at the Christmas party. We couldn’t come calling to you if you were already there.”
        After some more conversation, the group dispersed to their respective homes.
        While she lay in bed, waiting for sleep, Claire thought about what a perfect gift would be, for Charles, Kelvin, and Dominica. She needed a single gift that any one of them would want. What could it be. They were all good at fighting. She didn’t want to buy a weapon, but that thought had put her on the right track. Something related to fighting. It came to her. The perfect gift idea.



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