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Christmas Sketch – Gift Exchange

        For the residents of Columbia, December 12th (2016) was not a particularly interesting day. Many normal things happened that day. Normal people went about their daily business. Some people were preparing for Christmas, while others had already done so. The only interesting thing that happened that day, in that town, was a conversation between four people, all gathered at one house.
        They were gathered there for a normal meeting, such as they had most weeks. They were talking about normal, everyday things. Work, school, and so on. Then, one of them asked a question.
        “So, what do people think of having a Christmas party this year?”
        “Fine by me, Claire.”
        “A Christmas party, you say?”
        “Yes, Charles.”
        “Because, people, such as us, who are friends, often have such things.”
        “And why does that mean we have to?”
        “Because we might enjoy it?”
        “I see. Well, we can have one, but don’t blame me if something explodes…”
        “Yes, Charles. My place, as per usual?”
        “Yeah, sure.”
        The conversation then continued as normal. Charles discussed the incompetence of students as assistants. Claire put in a vote of disagreement to this belief, claiming that her assistants were quite helpful indeed. Dominica, contributing her opinion as a student, said that the TAs were fine, sometimes better than the professors, even. Kelvin put in the opinion that he was not able to contribute, as he had little experience in these matters.



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