Lots of murders.



        “Uhhhh… What? Who did this? And how? And why? And why am I talking to myself? Okay, get a grip on yourself. Go talk to the others.”
        Kelvin walked out of his apartment, to his car, and realized that he didn’t own a car. He was still stunned by the inauguration. He walked toward Claire’s house, which served as their usual meeting place. While he walked, he slowly drifted from dumbstruck horror to horrified, but coherent, confusion.
        “Okay, right, so, um… The president is dead. The president, is dead! That’s just… The. President. Is. Dead. But why? This was a clever job, that’s for sure. The inauguration has some serious security. That means, that someone had something to gain from this assassination. But what? We’ll see when we get there, I suppose. Maybe there will be something on the news? What if? Oh, that’s a good question. I’ll need to look at that.
        Kelvin removed his phone from his pocket, and made a quick search.
        “Aha! That’s it. The president is getting the coverage, but the vice president was also in that car. This is not just about the president, is it… and the next one in the presidential chain of succession was killed, albeit in a less spectacular way. I doubt that number 3 was killed, probably caused enough confusion anyway… Oh look, he was. Now what will leaving us temporarily presidentless will do, I don’t know. Was anyone else important killed? … The secretary of defense, and his deputy, and his deputy’s deputies. What’s the point of that? I really don’t know.



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