Someone doesn’t like inaugurations.



        In January, Kelvin was able to take a break from watching news reports about the augmented people. He instead watched the live news coverage of the presidential inauguration.
        He was not terribly interested in the presidential inauguration, but it took his mind off of other, more worrying, matters. While he watched, he slowly and methodically worked his way through a terrible bag of microwave popcorn.
        Despite the recent events, the inauguration went as could be expected. Kelvin watched the cars driving, and the president elect walking, and the president elect being sworn in, and the president’s inaugural address. At this point, Kelvin zoned out for a while. He checked back in time to see the president walking away from the podium, and the president getting in a car, and the president’s car pulling away, and the president’s car exploding in an enormous fireball, and the crowd running and screaming and-
        Kelvin froze in place, hand halfway raised. A piece of popcorn fell out of his open mouth.



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