Eventually, the university reopened. Charles and Claire returned to teaching, and Dominica resumed her studies. Kelvin’s routine did not change much because of this event. The only major difference was that he did not see as much of the other three, as they were tied up at the university.
        Over the next few months, Kelvin built upon his knowledge from the first month, and developed a clear picture of what made the other three tick.
        Dominica was normally easygoing enough, but if something was happening that she thought was important, she would singlemindedly focus on it until it was resolved. She also had an irrational love of weapons.
        Charles was totally different. He had a short temper, and tended to hold grudges. This usually came in the form of referring back to something someone had done in the past when he was reminded of it by future events. When it was a more serious offence, such as that committed by the clawed Melvin, he mentally filed the offender as an enemy. As far as Kelvin knew, Charles only had two people on his list. Melvin, and someone named Jared who Charles had met when he was a college student.
        Claire was always calm, no matter what situation she was in. She rarely raised her voice, and was a strong proponent of the Peaceful Solution Strategy. She had the irritating habit of, when in conversation, filling in her half of the conversation without letting the other person speak.
        Kelvin was not inclined toward introspection.



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