What’s going on in there?



        The American media did not talk as much about the rest of the world, but Kelvin got the impression that it was slightly better in some places, and much worse in others. There were two features about other countries that caught his attention.
        The first was about Brazil. It did not fare well. The existing political unrest, combined with the sudden changes of the 19th pushed the country farther into chaos. There was widespread rioting and frequent violence. The police force couldn’t handle it, and the military was called in. They managed to stop some of the revolts, but the harder they bore down on insurgents and potential insurgents, the more there were. In the end, the country collapsed into blood-soaked chaos.
        Poland was covered in the second feature. The feature was not about what was happening in Poland, but about the lack of knowledge about the situation. Shortly after the 19th, Poland had closed all contact with the outside world. No one came into the country, and no one left. This policy was enforced by the military.
        As the Polish military was able to divert so much effort into closing the border, it could not be too bad in there. At least, that was what the media seemed to think. No one really knew for sure. Kelvin remained skeptical of all theories.



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