They just can’t catch a break, can they?



        As well as learning about his compatriots, Kelvin also monitored the news, keeping up to date on the latest developments regarding the augmented people. This mainly took the form of watching news reports as they appeared, on various platforms. He also listened to conversations around the town, seeing what people thought about the situation.
        There was minor unrest in some cities. A few small riots, not even that many of them. A hardly significant spike in crime. Yes, that was sarcasm. There were riots in many cities. When the police violently shut down the rioters, that sparked even more riots. The rioters were convinced they were in the right, and the police believed the same about themselves.
        Worse than the riots was the crime spike. The country’s system was shaken, which was the perfect time for criminals to ply their trade. The frequency of theft, muggings, murders, and so on all increased. The police, trying to deal with the riots, could not divert their full attention to the criminals.
        After three weeks, the riots decreased in frequency. It was still common to see a riot being covered on the news, but they did not actually happen every day. This decrease in rioting also led to a decrease in crime, as the police were able to crack down harder on it. Crime was still significantly higher than before the 19th, but it had improved.
        As there was no rioting in Columbia, Kelvin could see these events from a removed viewpoint. This gave him more time to sit and stew and worry.



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