Personal question! Personal question!



Chapter 4

        After the excitement of the 19th, the situation began to calm down regarding the augmented people. Mostly…
        Kelvin was surprised at the ease with which he reclaimed his position at his office. There was enough chaos in the town that the office was closed down for a few days. By the end of that time, he returned to his normal place in the office, with no comment by anyone.
        It took longer for the university to become usable. It had suffered considerable damage, and took a month to repair.
        Over the course of this month, Kelvin learned more about his compatriots. The events of the 19th had impressed them firmly on each others’ minds, and they remained in contact.
        Most of Kelvin’s knowledge of Dominica’s past came from a single conversation. The four of them were having a meeting over the internet, when Charles asked a question.
        “Dominica, where’d you learn how to fight?”
        “What do you mean?”
        “On the 19th, you knew rather a lot about the operation and usage of firearms.”
        “So, where’d you learn all that? It’s not quite normal for a college student.”



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