The Boss.



        Dominica noticed that everyone was looking at her.
        “I’m fine with it. Judging by her semi mind reading thing, she’s certainly going to be useful for talking. Charles? Kelvin?”
        “You’re the boss.”
        “I am?”
        “Yes, you are.”
        “Then, let’s go.”
        It was, at this time, 10:00 in the morning. They stayed at the university until 3:00 that afternoon. In that time, they resolved several conflicts using a simple process.
        Claire and Kelvin would walk up calmly. Claire would try to diffuse the situation, and Kelvin would watch her back. If that didn’t work, Charles and Dominica would come in and deal with the problem.
        This worked reasonably well. All of them suffered small scratches and bruises, but only Charles had a serious injury, in the form of a long gash along his forearm.
        The situation began to settle down in the early afternoon, and it was quiet by 3:00. The police had been busy with other matters, and arrived at 5:00.



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