You could probably guess what they will say, if you were that good at guessing.



        “Isn’t that the job of the police?”
        “I think they probably have enough problems that they won’t mind us helping out.”
        “I see. What do you do if you see a conflict building towards violence? Or if you see someone looking for trouble?”
        “I go in, wait around, see if violence breaks out, and then if it does, I call those two. We don’t have the most calming appearance, as a group.”
        “Yeah, I noticed. Why didn’t you use your tactics with that man I was talking with?”
        “We didn’t know what was happening. We just walked around the corner, and a man with a knife ran at us.”
        “I see. What do you do if you are outnumbered.”
        “It depends. If we are outmatched, factoring in numbers and individual strength, we avoid the other party. Otherwise, we act as normal. Now what are you driving at with all these questions?”
        “I’m just thinking. You can fight a good bit, but you don’t seem to be very good at talking your way out of a tough situation…  Yes…  now you see what I’m talking about.”



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