I can’t read your mind- I just know what you’re thinking.



        “No. I don’t know what you’re thinking right now. I can tell that you are interested in my supposed ability. You want to convince me that what you have seen is real. No. Don’t say anything. I haven’t finished. I can tell that from your face, your tone of voice, your demeanor. I’m not reading your mind.”
        “Were you always that good at knowing what people are thinking?” This was from Charles, still on the ground holding his knee.
        “No. I was always good, that’s part of the reason I went into psychology, but not usually this good.”
        “There you have it. Again, an augmentation of existing abilities.”
        Dominica, confused by this remark, asked, “What do you mean, again?”
        “Earlier, before you guys showed up, I met a colleague who had an augmented climbing ability. Augmented. Not new. Kelvin says he’s always been unmemorable. Again, augmented.”
        “Okay. Who is Kelvin? Why do you keep talking about him?”
        “I’m Kelvin,” said Kelvin, blurring into focus.
        Claire seemed confused by his appearance. “You… were standing here all this time. Why didn’t I notice you? Well, yes, I know it was just explained, but give me a moment to be surprised by your mysterious appearance.”
        “So, if I’m not mistaken, that man you were talking to thought you had an augmentation, correct?”
        “Well, there you have it. You’re outvoted.”
        “So, what exactly are you people doing here? You’re clearly getting into a lot of fights.”
        “We are trying to render assistance to those who might need it. If we see someone being attacked, we help them out.”



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