Speaking of things that are bad…



        “One of who.”
        “Hah! You must know, so the only reason you would say you didn’t was if you did know, and you were one, but you didn’t want to let anyone know that you were, so you pretended that you didn’t even know what they were to throw us off!”
        “What does that mean?”
        “YOU ARE ONE!”
        “Okay, maybe I am, whatever one is, but I’m still not going to hurt you.”
        “I’m not sure about that.”
        “Really. I don’t have any reason to.”
        The man was definitely calming down now.
        Claire noticed a group of people behind the man, walking toward him. There were two or three of them. One was a tall woman in her mid-twenties, with a military haircut, and an overcoat filled with weapons. The second was a similarly tall man. He looked to be in his thirties. He was stick-thin. He had a battered suit on, and a large set of slashes across his head. He was wearing a pair of dark sunglasses. Along with the slashes on his head, he had numerous other small wounds.
        The man noticed the direction of her look. He spun around.
        “You nearly tricked me! You were going to convince me you were safe, and then you would attack me! I would be caught that easily!”
        The man ran toward the group.




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