Knives are bad, as a general rule.



        As she saw him, she knew that he was terrified. Something had happened, and it was not good. It had died down, but was not over altogether.
        “Wait a second. That’s odd. I knew all that just from one glance.
        As the student saw her, he ran down the hall, away from her. This marked a turning point in her thoughts. Clearly, something quite unpleasant had happened, and it was not a good idea to stay here. Claire quickly walked back the way she had came.
        As she left the building, she noticed a man walking toward her. His demeanor showed equal parts fear and anger. Again, she saw that something had happened, and he was terrified. He walked toward her.
        “You! Yeah, you! It’s not safe to be out here. You should get inside.”
        He was honestly trying to help, but there was a faint undertone in his speech which indicated mistrust, fear, and, again, anger.
        “Right. I’ll head in. Thanks for the information. I’m not going to hurt you.”
        “You aren’t? Good. Wait a second, how did you know that I thought you were hostile? You’re one of them, aren’t you.”
        The man pulled a knife from his jacket, and brandished it.



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