New Person!



Chapter 3

        The day had not been going well for Claire Brooks. It had started off decently, but had quickly gotten worse. She had woken up slightly late, dressed, ate a quick breakfast, and checked her computer.
        The computer told her of the recent news.
        “That’s quite interesting. I’ll have to-” she checked her watch, “look into that some time later.
        Claire found this type of mass delusion interesting.
        Claire headed out to her car, got in, and drove to the university. Before she arrived, she saw a large number of vehicles moving away from the university. She put it down to random traffic fluctuations, and continued.
        When she arrived, she noticed that it was strangely deserted. None of the normal foot traffic. She walked to the psychology building, entered, and headed to her room. On the way, she noticed a student standing in the hallway.



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