What an interesting idea!



        “That was not good. That was very not good. I should leave now. Trouble is, if I try to leave again, I’m likely to get attacked. On the other hand, if I stay with the group behind the barricade, I’m still likely to get attacked. If I go with those two crazies, I’m certain to get attacked, but I’ll have two people who know what they’re doing as backup. Who was the second person anyway? I didn’t see him. She said he was over there, but I didn’t notice anyone but the people already in the room. Well, no matter, he’ll show his face eventually. At any rate, they’ll provide assistance. On the other hand, they’re actually looking for trouble. In addition, there’s only two of them.
        Charles continued thinking as he walked back.
        “In all probability, they’re not going to try anything too insane. They’re not dead yet, after all, and it seems like they’ve been doing this for a while. They’ve got weapons, that’s for sure. All in all, they’re probably marginally safer than the other options.
        When Charles reached the room, he saw the heavily armed woman leaving. Something seemed off. When he concentrated, he noticed a disheveled man following her. When he looked away for a moment, the man was gone. He walked toward them. “I’ve decided. I’m going to come with you and assist.”
        “You are?” The disheveled man had spoken for the first time.
        “I am.”



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