She was getting to that.



        “I wouldn’t get too attached to that notion. You never know what might happen.”
        “Absolutely, except for the small fact that he’s a murderer.”
        the man’s hand was moving toward his wound again.
        “Yeah. That’s true.”
        “Persuading you is a hopeless cause. If you will not see reason, you will not see reason.” The man’s expression changed slightly. Instead of being livid with rage, he was now livid with rage and also confused. “That’s odd. There’s something wrong with my vision.” He closed the eye that had been clawed, and his bemused expression grew. Then he opened his damaged eye, and closed his other eye.
        “He got my eye! He got my eye!”
        The man let out an inarticulate scream of rage.
        “Yeah, that happened. At least he only got one.”
        “Sure, easy to say when you aren’t the one who just lost an eye.”
        The man’s jaw clenched even tighter, and he grunted. He wiped the blood from his face again.
        “Good thing they keep first aid supplies in the hallways.”
        The man walked down the hall, to a small box attached to the wall. He removed a bottle from the box, used the contents to clean the wounds. He removed a tube, and applied the cream inside to the wounds, and then wrapped the wounds in a bandage. As he did this, a thought occurred to to him.

He Got my Eye.jpg

He Got My Eye



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