Dominica took the lead and answered, “Well… yes. But I did shoot him.”
        “But he’s alive! That is not good. Who are you people anyway?”
        “I’m Dominica. Kelvin’s over there, I think. Kelvin? Good. He’s a bit hard to find at times. Anyway, we headed over here to try to assist in case of, well, what happened. We saw you being chased, and followed. Long story short, Kelvin noticed that clawed guy trying to talk his way into your little hideaway here. The guy ran in, and attacked you. In the ensuing brawl, Kelvin tackled him. After Kelvin had backed off, I managed to get a clear line of sight to him. I shot him in the leg, and he limped off.”
        The man’s hand rose toward his head. He grunted and jerked it away when it touched his head.
        “How many were killed?”
        “Only one. You and another were injured.”
        The man’s expression changed from concerned to infuriated.
        “Only one? Only one! That one is dead. If I ever meet that man again, I will personally see to it that he dies!”



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