That was perfectly optimal.



        There came a knock at the door. The barricade was only half-finished, but if an angry mob were attacking, they would not be likely to knock first.
        “Identify yourself and state your intent!”
        “I’m Melvin. I’m trying to find somewhere safe.”
        Charles remembered Melvin. He was, for the most part, a decent sort.
        “A bit overexcitable, inclined to believe anything he reads on the internet, conspiracies and all that, but decent enough.
        “All right. You can come in.”
        Charles opened the door until it was one-third open. As he did so he heard a shout from outside
        “Don’t open that door! It’s a trick!”
        Charles tried to shut the door, but Melvin was already through. Melvin looked slightly different than when Charles had last seen him. He had a deranged expression on his face,  his clothes had fresh blood on them, and his hands had massive blood covered claws protruding from them.
        Charles only caught a glimpse of Melvin before the enormous claws slashed him across the face. His eyes filled with blood. Melvin pushed past him, and Charles fell to the ground.
        “It’s your fault! You’ve been experimenting on people! I’m going to stop you!”
        What happened next, Charles could only see vaguely through the fog of pain and blood. He saw Melvin running toward the other occupants of the room. He saw one fall to the ground. Someone ran into the room. He heard a gun shot, followed by a scream, and saw someone slowly walk out of the room.
        At this point, Charles lost consciousness.

Just Melvin.jpg

Just Melvin



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