They’re not the best guards.



        The room was small, filled with tables and chairs. Some of the tables and chairs were piled around the door in a makeshift barricade. There were no other doors in the room, and all its occupants were clustered around the door.
        There were seven people in the room. He recognized three teachers, and one student. He did not recognize the unofficial spokesman, a fat man, with a beaten up suit and greasy hair. The other two occupants were also unknown to him. All were dressed similarly to the spokesman, some with blood on their clothes. The groups’ demeanors ranged from defiant to terrified.
        Charles heard the pursuers stop in the hallway, one of them tried the door, and mumbled something. They moved on in search of new victims.
        “Great. They’re gone. Now! To work! Fix that barricade! You need it stronger on the side farthest from the hinge, because that is where most of the force is going to be. Also, you should not be able to take it apart and let someone through in seconds. That shows that it is not strong enough. Now move it!”
        “Okay, okay. We’re getting to it. Give us a second.”
        As the defenders fixed the barricade under his direction, Charles considered the recent events. “So, for some inexplicable reason a lot of random people gain amazing powers, augmenting their existing skills. Then, some of those people go insane, and everyone else goes insane trying to fight them. What’s next, a supervillain takes over the world?



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