I think he needs some lessons in stealth.



        While he walked, Charles made a point of maintaining a low profile. He tried to avoid drawing attention to himself. Despite this attempt at concealment, he was rudely interrupted.
        “You there! You, trying to sneak off. That’s not going to work! That’s just a giveaway of your powers. You can’t hide from us!” A group of six students was running toward him.
        “But I don’t-”
        “You can’t lie to us! We know!” Charles ran. He ducked around a corner, realized that they were still chasing him, and ran into a building. He wasn’t sure exactly where he was, but he was in a hallway lined with doors.
        Running down the hall, he checked the doors, hoping to find somewhere to hide. He heard a faint noise coming from one door, and tried to open it, assuming that there would be people inside, and therefore safety in numbers.
        The door, despite his best efforts, did not open. He heard a voice from the other side. “Stay out! Don’t come in here. There are twenty of us. We’re stronger than you. Go!”
        “Calm down. It’s just me, Charles. There’s only one of me, and I’m just an ordinary person. Now I’d like it if you would let me in.”
        “I don’t believe you.”
        “I’m not a threat. Okay?”
        “Fine. You can come, but slowly, with your hands where we can see them.” Charles heard a faint noise as the unseen guard unlocked the door. Eventually, the door opened a crack. Charles slowly walked in with his hands raised.



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