Who’s this guy?



Chapter 2

        The day had started much as normal. Charles had a lecture at 9:00, so he rose early. Most likely, it was unnecessary to do so, but he always made sure to cover all the angles. Or, at least, all the angles he could find.
        He woke up, ate a leisurely breakfast, dressed for work, and checked his computer. After a few minutes, he saw something he found quite irritating. This came in the form of some recent news headlines.
        “Some hoax about superpowers. Oh, yeah, sure. Totally. Sure, I’ll just believe WHATEVER the random internet people tell me. How idiotic do they think we are? Pretty idiotic, that’s for sure.
        At 8:00 he headed to campus. Everything seemed normal. Completely devoid of superhuman beings. There was some sort of commotion outside one of the dormitories, but he couldn’t be bothered with what students did.
        He headed over to the lecture hall, again, nothing out of the ordinary. He opened the back door and walked in. Again, nothing different. He started preparing for the lecture. Everything normal there. After a while, he finished preparing, and, with half an hour left, he removed a book from his pocket and began reading. The book held no surprises.
        At ten, he noticed that the building was still empty. He found it strange that everyone would be running late, so he stepped outside. He was not prepared for what greeted him.



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