I’m not sure he should have one.



        Dominica answered, “I came here from the university. I figure that if there are a lot of people developing superhuman abilities, it’s going to cause some violence. I should be prepared to stop that violence. As for why I have the arsenal, as you call it, in the first place, it’s a long story.”
        “Why did you have to go here to get it?”
        “I keep it in a storage unit a way away. They don’t allow arsenals on campus.”
        “So, You have powers, and you are clearly willing to fight for others, so, you should help me deal with the college.”
        “But he was going to kill me.”
        “Yes. You’ve said. However, your help would be nice.”
        “I don’t want to put my life on the line. I won’t. I refuse to. Not unless I am strictly for support. No fighting.”
        “Okay. Fine by me.”
        “I guess I could fight, but only at range. I’ll need a gun.”
        “Question: do you know how to use a gun?”
        “Um, well, you point it and pull the trigger, right?”
        “It’s not quite that simple.”
        As Dominica showed him the finer points of firearm useage, such as safety catches, loading, and aiming, his breathing slowed, and the adrenalin dispersed through his system. He sagged, and wondered why he had agreed to help Dominica.
        “Why did I say I would help. Because I do, honestly, want to help people in danger. That’s true, but I don’t want to be in danger, though. I guess it just comes down to what my priorities are. That’s an interesting question. I’ll help, but I don’t want to make a habit of it.
        “And that is how to sight correctly. Right, I think that’s everything. Let’s go.”
Kelvin tried to pick the brain off his suit. “I’m right behind you.”



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