That’s a good question.



        “Okay. I am calm. Perfectly calm. Absolutely, totally, as calm as can be. But he was going to kill me.”
        “Yeah. True. That’s what happened.”
        “Okay. Okay. Okay. I am totally under control now. That person was definitely one of those superpowered people the news was talking about. I thought for sure that was just a bunch of overblown nonsense. People don’t just get random superpowers. I guess it wasn’t overblown like I imagined that it might be, but it’s still total nonsense. What is even happening?”
        “Well, I guess people have superpowers now.”
        “That is not what I meant.”
        “No need to get angry. I did just save your life, after all.”
        “Thanks for that. But…”
        “But what?”
        “Okay, doesn’t matter. What does matter is how you snuck up behind that guy. You may have thought you were subtle, but there was no way he should have missed you.”
        “I have noticed that.. No one seems to pay me any attention, apart from that madman and you. It seems like I am just part of the background. Except when people are going to kill me.”
        “Well, if he had powers, maybe you did too.”
        “I have the power to be beneath notice? How terribly inspiring.”
        “Well, you got something, so you might as well be inspired by it, even if it is the ability to be really boring.”
        “True. So, not to be blunt, but why precisely are you walking around carrying an arsenal?” asked Kelvin.



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