Now he’s dead.



        Kelvin dodged out of the way of the madman. As he passed by, Kelvin felt the heat radiating out from the madman. He decided not to try anything that involved getting too near the madman. Instead, he ran.
        Kelvin was already tired from the earlier run. Adrenaline was keeping him going, but it would not last forever. He tried to keep running, but he was slowing down, and the madman was gaining.
        He slipped in a puddle, slid forward, and managed to right himself. Kelvin ducked behind a parked car as the madman gave chase. The madman forced his way through the side of the car, set the seats on fire, forced his way through the other side, and continued chasing.
        Kelvin couldn’t keep running. He had to stop. The madman increased his speed for the last stretch. He reached Kelvin, and stopped, slowly extending his hands
        Kelvin heard a faint noise. It reminded him of a firecracker. The madman’s head exploded.



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