I wonder what it is.



        Dominica ran to the parking lot. It took her a moment to find her car. It was an old, beaten up model, without an electronic key. In her haste to unlock the door, she dropped the key on the ground.
        Snatching up the key, she finally managed to get the door open. She got in, slammed the door, and started the car. The engine sputtered.
        “Come on. Don’t die. Come on. Come on!”
        After several attempts, the car slowly ground to life. She drove, slightly above the speed limit, to a spot at the edge of town. She walked up to a large building lined with roll-up doors, and inserted a key into one. She opened the storage unit, and removed some items from it.
        She put the items in her trunk, and started back toward the university.
        On the way back, she stayed on the lookout for any strange occurrences. She noticed a city bus. There was nothing remarkable about this bus, so she ignored it.
        About fifteen minutes later, she noticed the same bus, crossing her path, being chased by a screaming, steaming man. This, on the other hand, was remarkable. The bus stopped, and the man walked up, and pressed his hands to the back of the bus. Then, he forced his way through the red-hot wall.
        Dominica parked her car, and removed something from the trunk.



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