Well, that was unexpected.



        Dominica Hamilton’s day had started normally. She had woken up, eaten breakfast, dressed. She had, as normal, woken early, before most of the other students in her dormitory building. She checked her computer, and noticed certain news headlines.
        She heard a strange noise. It appeared to be someone screaming, followed by a wooden crack, and another scream, in a different voice. She looked out into the hallway, and saw a student beating another student with a chair. The student being beaten appeared to have large, sharp quills protruding from her skin.
        Dominica didn’t know what was going on, but she knew that, generally, being beaten with a chair is not good.
        Dominica grabbed her pocket knife from the table, and ran toward the fight. She slashed the attacker across the face with her knife, and the attacker fled, clutching at her face.
        “Hey, you, porcupine girl, you okay?”
        “Sure. Great. Um, right. Bye!
        Dominica returned to her room, grabbed a key, and ran outside.

Porcupine Girl.jpg

You Okay?



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