That was a bit of a mistake there, Kelvin.



        Someone screamed. “What’s that? It looks like an arm! Run!” Every person on the bus ran. Everyone except Kelvin. He was trying to understand why no one had noticed his shouting. Then, he realized that there was a screaming madman wielding a piece red-hot metal pipe charging at him.
        The madman was about six feet tall, had ash from what had once been clothes stuck to him, was bald, and was steaming as the drizzle boiled as it hit him.
        He tried to dodge out of the way, but he only succeeded in backing himself into a corner. The madman, instead of attacking him, ran past him, toward the other passengers.
        “That is quite bizarre. I truly must be invisible .
        The madman had, by the time Kelvin finished his thought, chased the irritated man from the first bus stop out into the street. He dropped his pipe, and clamped his hands onto the man’s head. Eventually, the struggles stopped, and the madman released the burned husk that was once the man’s head.
        The madman then moved on, chasing another passenger. Kelvin picked up the discarded pipe, and chased after the madman. He tried to stay as quiet as he could, but the constant screaming from the madman was enough to mask any noise he might make.
        The madman managed to catch his victim, and was now mutilating the corpse. This gave Kelvin time to catch up. He swung the pipe with all his strength, and it connected with the madman’s back. As it hit, the heat radiating from the madman softened the pipe, and it bent with the force of the blow.
        The madman turned, screamed particularly loudly, and charged at Kelvin. This time, he had noticed Kelvin.



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