What are they talking about?



        Despite the bus being a slow one, it still outpaced a man on foot, and he fell behind. When the bus stopped at a red light, he thought he could catch it, but he only managed to close the gap. The bus continued onward, not noticing, or caring, about Kelvin.
        Kelvin continued chasing the bus in this manner until the next bus stop. By this point, he was a block behind the bus, wet from the drizzle, overheated, and sweating. Fortunately, there were several people boarding the bus, so he had time to get to the stop before the bus left.
        He boarded the bus, and, strangely, no one commented on his disheveled appearance combined with his business suit. Politeness, he supposed.
        As he rode the bus, he noticed several people talking animatedly.
        “All across the world!”
        “What, really? I thought it was just in Asia.”
        “No, there’ve even been reports in the US.”
        “So, what is it exactly?”
        “Idiot. Look it up. I don’t have time to tell you.”
        “I don’t have a computer with me. Some of us don’t have smartphones.”
        “Oh really, well that’s your own fault.”
        Kelvin removed his own smartphone, and began looking at recent internet news. The headlines were all he really needed to see.



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