That wasn’t supposed to happen.



        The day started as normal. He got up, in his ordinary apartment, and ate a rushed breakfast. He dressed in his bland grey clothes. He walked outside. A light drizzle greeted him. He opened his umbrella, and tried not to get his business suit wet.
        There were four other people waiting at the bus stop. He recognized two as his coworkers, a fat man and an irritated-looking man with a large wet patch on his suit. The two others appeared to also be dressed for work.
        Kelvin removed a book from his jacket pocket and began reading. The book was uninspiring, but it passed the time. Eventually, he became more absorbed in his book, and blocked out the outside world.
        The bus arrived, ten minutes late. Kelvin did not immediately notice this fact, and he was still sitting at the stop as the other people boarded.
        Kelvin stood up, closed his book, and stuffed it back in his jacket. He walked toward the bus, and realized that the door was closing. He raced toward the door, mind racing, trying to figure out why the bus was leaving. The bus started moving.
        Kelvin raced after the bus. “Hey! I exist! I am not a random passerby! I am trying to ride that bus!” The bus drove sedately on. Kelvin continued running, waving his arms in the air, trying to alert the driver.
        The bus continued straight, and turned a corner, following its normal driving pattern. Kelvin stopped shouting or waving his arms, and instead ran as hard as he could.



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