The identity of Kelvin is now revealed! This title/comment provided by The Narrator



Chapter 1

        On 19, October, 2016, a wave of darkness crossed the Earth. This was not an anomaly. It happened every night. However, while not noticeable from the outside, it left the world changed. Not the darkness, precisely, but what came with the darkness.
        “What came?” you may ask. You will find out soon enough. Now let us take a closer look at a certain man in Columbia. The city in Missouri, not the country, in case you didn’t notice the spelling difference.
        Kelvin Jones awoke. It was not a particularly interesting awakening. He gradually drifted from sleep into consciousness. He was, in fact, not a particularly interesting person. He was an avatar of unmemorability.
        His coworkers would describe him as, “An average guy.” He was neither particularly skilled, nor unskilled in his average job at an average office. He was of average height, with dark brown hair and eyes. He usually dressed in grey clothes, without decoration. On special occasions, he wore slightly lighter colored clothing.



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