We should, I think, at this point, pause for a moment. I would say that you probably have some questions, but I doubt that you were able to think that far.
        Well, some of you probably were able to. One or two. So, I will now answer the questions that the more intelligent readers asked.
        “Who is Kelvin?”
        You’ll find out soon. He will appear again shortly.
        “What is happening?”
        I started you off a bit later than is strictly necessary. It will make sense later on. As for why, I felt like messing with you.
        “Who is the Administrator?”
        He is the Regional Administrator for the southwest area of the United States.
        “Who are you?”
        I am the narrator. I narrate (obviously). In addition to narrating, I also give the free service of disparaging your intelligence. I hope you understood that that was sarcasm.
        In addition (again) to narrating, I also appear in these events. I may or may not have played a major role in these events. I won’t tell you who I am, for aforementioned reasons (I like to mess with you). I also provide sarcastic comments. If you ever see bold text, that’s me talking. I also provide those little title/comments at the start of each page.
        If you don’t have any more questions (and even if you do), I will stop talking (sort of), and tell you what happened.



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  1. This Guy says:

    For those of you who may be confused by this interjection, the narrator is a character, albeit one slightly different than most, but is not the author. What the character of the narrator may say does not reflect the opinion of the author.


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