Kelvin stared at the grenade, his mind blank for a moment. Then he ran, dragging the Administrator with him, down the hallway. The grenade exploded with a thunderous noise and a blinding flash of light. Kelvin staggered backward, and fell to the ground.
        It took several seconds for Kelvin’s hearing and vision to return. There was a bright afterimage seared into his vision. “What was that? I’m not dead. Not even hurt. But the grenade went off… Stun grenade. What for. It didn’t help him. He’s already unconscious. . Guards. It called the guards. Run!
        Kelvin ran, dragging the unconscious Administrator behind him. He looked behind him, and saw that he was about ten feet from the next intersection. The group of guards rounded the corner.  
        “They won’t shoot me. I’ve got their leader. They’d hit him as well.
The guards opened fire.



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