The Administrator motioned for his guards to follow him back down the hallway. Back down the hallway toward Kelvin.
        Kelvin ran back the way he had come, turning left at the intersection, and striking out the “left” at the top of his notes. He ran to the next intersection, removing his pistol from his jacket. He looked at his notes, saw “right” and turned left.
        Once he was halfway along the corridor, he fired four shots into the air, then ran back down the corridor, waiting on the other side of the intersection. He heard the Administrator and his guards running toward him.
        The Administrator reached the intersection before the rest of his guards. As he ran into view, Kelvin grabbed him, dragging him backward, while grabbing his neck in a chokehold.
        When Kelvin grabbed him, the Administrator tried to turn his rifle around to point at Kelvin, but he was not able to, and he dropped his rifle as the chokehold took effect. As Kelvin dragged him around the corner, the Administrator dropped something on the ground.



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