Kelvin reached an intersection, looked to his left, and saw a group of guards run past. He followed them, making a note of the direction. The guards turned, and he followed, again noting the direction.
        Kelvin continued following the guards, until they reached a corridor. There was another group of guards blocking the corridor. There was a sign on the wall. “Authorized personnel only.”
        The group of guards passed, each one holding up a red pass as he went. Kelvin followed, holding up an imaginary pass. He continued following the guards.
        They turned left. Kelvin wrote “left” in his notebook, and followed. Eventually, they reached a door, marked “Administrator’s Office. No Admittance”. There was a red button next to the door. The lead guard pressed the button, and a loud alarm sounded inside the room.
The door opened, and a man walked out. He was short, and thin to the point of emaciation. He was wearing an expensive looking business suit. He was holding a rifle. “What’s going on? Why did you sound the alarm?”
        “Sir, we have an unidentified intruder in the building. One of the workers had a phone on him. This man saw him. When he checked back to apprehend him, the worker was gone. We assume he is an enemy.”
        “Why didn’t he get the worker in the first place?”
        “He doesn’t know.”
        “He doesn’t know! How can he not know? I can’t believe this idiot doesn’t know why he didn’t do his job! Fine! Let’s catch this enemy now, and figure out how you should be disciplined later.”



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