Kelvin forced himself not to freeze. He kept the phone to his ear, and slowly picked up a piece of paper from the stack, pretending to read it. The guard looked around the room.
        “Well, thanks for the update.” The phone went dead.
        “That’s great. Thanks. Bye.” Kelvin lowered the phone from his ear and put it into his pocket. The guard walked out of the room with a confused expression on his face.
        “Right. That was not good. I need to be more careful in the future. At least nothing came of it.” Kelvin heard an indistinct murmur from outside. He moved closer to the door.
        “-heard something. Not sure what. Sounded like a voice. At any rate, it was coming from that room. Checked the room, but it was empty.”
        “You sure about that? Could the worker have done it?”
        “Workers aren’t likely to randomly shout. Wait a second. Workers can’t bring phones in here, because of the GPS security risk. That guy was making a phone call.”
        Kelvin casually walked out of the room, saw the guards down the hall, and walked toward them.
        “Why didn’t you get him then,”
        “I don’t know. It didn’t seem out of the ordinary.”
        Kelvin passed the guards, making sure not to pause, or look at them. They paid him no attention.
        “It’s not my fault. He had some sort of… thing. My memory’s real fuzzy. I don’t know.”
        Kelvin heard an indistinct noise, looked up, and saw a speaker on the wall above.
        “We have an unidentified intruder in the building. Continue your work. If you see anything out of the ordinary, report it.
        “So, they know I’m here. That’s just perfect. Absolutely amazing. Nothing could possibly be better.



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